About the GPS System

The GPS System, developed by Zippi Livneh, RN and sugar addiction specialist, is based on the science of the brain, the latest research in food addiction, and proven methods that are being used around the world. The process is based on 3 stages that are a systematic and effective way to stop eating sugars, flours and other addictive foods for life and to free your mind from obsessive thinking about food.

GPS stands for the 3 stages: 1. Groundwork 2. The Four pillars and 3. Strategies and Actions.

  1. Groundwork – the base for living free from the food. At the beginning, those in my program gain expert knowledge about how sugars and other foods affect our minds and bodies and all about food addiction.
  2. The 4 Pillars – then we adopt the 4 basic rules or “four pillars” that are essential to live a life free of addictive eating. The four pillars are 4 basic rules on how to eat in a way that is suited biochemically to those who are more sensitive to the addictive properties of sugary, starchy and processed foods. The 4 rules are no sugars, no flours, no eating between meals and identifying and abstaining from personal triggers. Perhaps you are saying now “What?! Easier said than done!” My program can show you how these 4 rules can be applied to all situations in life and you will experience a freedom you may never have had before when it comes to food and eating behaviors.
  3. Strategies and Tools – lastly, my clients are given many tools and life strategies to adhere to these four essential rules easily and for the rest of their lives.

Yes, there is a food plan in this program and my clients lose weight if needed. I work closely with a clinical dietician who has trained in food addiction. The point is that this is a secondary outcome to the main purpose of the my program which is food freedom. My clients do not go hungry. The GPS System shows them a way to be satisfied and happy with lots of healthy and nutritious food. The best part is that my clients are able to get free from obsessive thinking about food, body image and eating.

I teach this system in group workshops, in private one on one counselling and I have a unique program for couples who would like to detox from sugar together in an intimate setting.  

I counsel in English and in Hebrew, online and in person. I have a lovely clinic in Mitzpeh Netofah and also can meet my clients close to their home in Israel.

About Zippi Livneh