Addictive eating is not a problem of lack will power. It’s not even about making the right or wrong food choices. Sugar/food addiction is mainly due to a biochemical imbalance that affects the body and the brain. This imbalance “hijacks” the brain in a way that the only choice left is to eat sugary, starchy, processed foods. My clients learn about the processes that cause many people to eat in a harmful way, even though they care about their health and usually know what they should eat. For many it’s a vicious cycle of “need to eat – eat – feel bad – need to eat – eat…” etc. and although they try, they can’t get out of it.

There is a way out! I have developed the “GPS System” which is based on the latest science and has been developed after years of research and studying with the leading food addiction experts around the world.


This unique, one on one counseling program is based on the latest science about sugar and food addiction. It is geared for people who want to get off the sugar and/or recover from addictive eating and can’t manage to do that on their own.

We will meet once a week for 10 one-hour sessions. During this time, you will adopt the GPS system as a way of life. GPS stand for the three phases of this structured and clear program. “G” stands for Groundwork, the first phase where you will gain alot of knowledge and learn about sugar addiction and how certain foods and eating behaviors affect the body and the mind.

“P” stands for Pillars, the second phase in which I will take you hand in hand through a detox process from sugars and flours. The goal is to eat in a way that brings back the natural balance in your brain, what I and my colleagues call biochemical repair. You will get a food plan that is tasty and you will not be hungry. Your food cravings will virtually disappear. In this program you do not count calories and do not get weighed. Weight loss is secondary to the process and does happen, but gradually. It is important to note that sometimes, if it is needed for your specific food plan requirement, I recommend an additional session with a certified dietician who is trained in food addiction (this is not included in the price of the program).

“S” stand for strategies and tools, the third phase of the program. You will learn many tools and strategies that will guide you on how to live the rest of your life free from the food with the “GPS system” principles. The advantage of personal counseling is that the program will be tailored to your individual and specific needs and lifestyle. The setting is private and intimate. On a schedule that is convenient for you, you can start your happy journey to a healthy weight and a free mind, eating in a way that is healthy for your body and your soul. I counsel in person and online as well.

For those of you who benefit from the mutual support of a group setting, this is the program for you!

The 8 week “Free Your Mind From Food” workshops are based on the same GPS system and are taught in an eight week course. Each session is 2 hours long and consists of lectures, group exercises, teaching through personal experiences and sharing.

English workshops are given online. Through the comfort of your home you can experience the freedom form addictive eating. For the details on the next 8 week workshop, click here.

For more information, call +972-55-6644854 or email

Hebrew workshops are conducted face-to-face. For details about the upcoming GPS System workshops in Hebrew click here

NEW!! Do you and your significant other want to make a change for the better together?  This unique couples program is especially suited to help couples support each other and make a lasting change in the home so you and your family can live the healthy lifestyle you aspire to.

The GPS System is a great way to eat whether you have a problem with addictive eating or not. The aim is to change the perception of what is “good food” and maintain a healthy way of eating for the rest of your lives. This usually means a major change in the way you think about food and the way you eat. The chances of long-term success go way up when one has a good support system that encourages this new way. What better support system is there than the one nearest and dearest to you?  

This unique and tailored program can be done personally (in Israel) or online.

For more information, call +972-55-6644854 or email