I’m Zippi Livneh and I can help free your mind from the food.

Do you long to keep the weight off and stop thinking about food all the time?

If eating in moderation sometimes feels like “mission impossible” your brain may be affecting the way you eat. 

It’s time to change the way we think about overeating and weight loss.  Research has shown that some foods can be addictive just like cigarettes, gambling, alcohol and drugs. This is especially true for sugary, doughy and highly processed foods.

If you want to limit or stop eating these foods and somehow can’t, you may be addicted to them. When it comes to addiction, it’s not a matter of choice, self-control, lack of knowledge or even emotional problems.

Addictive eating causes a bio-chemical imbalance that hijacks the brain. When this happens, logic and willpower are useless unless you can restore the balance.


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I know, I’ve been there

until the age of 32 my weight and eating were totally out of control due to my food addiction. I lived in constant frustration and felt like a failure at the one thing I wanted most – to lose weight and be thin. Once I discovered what my real problem is I was able to find a real solution. Since then, I’ve maintained a 15kg weight loss and found a way to live at peace with my food and my body. My passion is helping others find their solution and I’d love to show you the way to food freedom.

What is sugar addiction?

Sugars, flours and highly processed foods can affect your mood and thinking in the same way that nicotine, alcohol and drugs of abuse do. Some people are more sensitive the effects of these foods. Your body and mind are wired to help you, not harm you. If your eating is not in line with your desire to be healthy it may be because you have a biochemical imbalance in your brain.

Sounds interesting, but how does it work?

I’m a nurse and I love science! After 20 years of experience and 6 years of study, I have developed a program based on the latest research and modeled on the leading food addiction experts in the world. My GPS System (link) can help you restore the balance in your brain so that you can lose weight and keep it off without feeling deprived, hungry or “white knuckling”. The best part is that this process will set you free from obsessive thinking about food.

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